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(The following job descriptions are subject to change.)

Helpline Responder

Helpline Responder



The HELPLINE RESPONDER will provide de-escalation tools and safety intervention, education and support regarding the values and skills that underlie safe relationships, and referrals to stabilization services needed to support long-term change. The HELPLINE RESPONDER will also work with family, friends and professionals who want to support protective behaviors in someone they know.

The Helpline will operate from 10am-10pm, 365 days a year. The HELPLINE PROGRAM COORDINATOR will cover most day-time shifts. HELPLINE RESPONDERS will cover 6-hour shifts, primarily during evenings, weekends, and holidays.


  • HELPLINE RESPONDER is available by phone, text and email to respond to people at risk of using abuse and to friends, family and professionals who want to help someone they know stop using abusive behaviors.
  • HELPLINE RESPONDER will provide de-escalation and safety intervention tools, risk assessment, education and support regarding values and skills related to equity and respect, and referrals to stabilization and educational services needed to support long-term change.
  • HELPLINE RESPONDER will document contact hours in generic case notes.
  • HELPLINE RESPONDER will adhere to all safety and confidentiality guidelines.
  • HELPLINE RESPONDER will attend regular supervision with Program Coordinator.


  • Weekly individual supervision provided by the Program Coordinator or Consultant.


Minimum 2 years experience working in the field of domestic violence. Demonstrated understanding of domestic violence perpetration a plus. Crisis line experience a plus. Bilingual/Spanish a plus. Higher education degree a plus. Must be open to continuing education with regard to understanding the dynamics of domestic violence in general, and the specific dynamics of domestic violence perpetration.


Interested parties should send a cover letter and resume to Michelle Harris or Shannon Eldredge: or

Outreach & Communications Consultant for Eastern & Central Massachusetts


The Consultant will conduct outreach and public education for 10 to 10 across Eastern and Central Massachusetts. The Consultant will network with key stakeholders, manage press relations, and implement community outreach and education efforts. The Consultant will also assist with print, website and social media development and promotion. The Consultant will work closely with the Helpline Advisory Board and will report to the Helpline Project Coordinator. 10-20 hours a week.


  • Develop and implement community outreach and education efforts.
  • Network with key stakeholders including universities, colleges, high schools, domestic violence agencies, social justice networks, community coalitions, faith communities, health care providers, veterans, courts, district attorneys, high risk teams, child welfare agencies, police, substance abuse networks, mental health providers, etc.
  • Assist with development and promotion of social media and webpage in collaboration with Helpline team and consultants.
  • Conduct press outreach for print, radio and TV in collaboration with Helpline Advisory Board members.
  • Develop, manage, and distribute print outreach and materials including flyers, cards, bus ads, etc. Work with focus groups, graphic designers, and Helpline team to develop outreach strategies.
  • Attend Advisory Board meetings, trainings, and community meetings as needed to learn about and represent the Project, and to collaborate with Advisory Board members on all projects.


  • Experience in community outreach and education, including conducting presentations and facilitating community conversations.
  • Experience in grassroots community building movements towards racial and social justice.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the needs of communities that face marginalization.
  • Experience managing press communications.
  • Ability to manage and work with a range of social media sites.
  • Must be a learner, and willing to work within the framework of abusive values and values of equity and respect as a way to understand intimate partner violence.
  • Must have proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, be adept with telecommuting platforms including Zoom, and have own working computer and high functioning internet.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong organization skills.
  • Experience working in the field of domestic or sexual violence or closely related field, or equivalent relevant life experience.
  • Bilingual Spanish a plus.


Send resume and letter of interest to Monica Moran, or JAC Patrissi,