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Monica Moran, 413-230-6938, Co-founder and Helpline Team Member
JAC Patrissi, 413 507-1056, Co-founder and Helpline Team Member
Carmen Nieves, 413-538-9717, Bilingual Spanish, Board Member, Executive Director, Alianza DV Services Inc.

The Lily | October 29, 2021

These organizations want to help survivors of domestic violence — without calling the police

“We have had callers who use harm that have calls that are half an hour to an hour longer, and they are saying things like ‘I never looked at it that way,’ or ‘I’ve been this way in every relationship I’ve ever had,’” Moran said. “We are feeling hopeful, and the community has really embraced it.”

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New York Times Opinion | October 1, 2021

“We have to stop asking survivors to do more,” JAC Patrissi, a co-founder of 10 to 10 said. “People are worried that an intervention like this is therapy, or collusion, and often those worries are based in this presumption that accountability means carceral control.” The goal, she said, is “a community response that says we’ll walk with you in your change but you have to be accountable.”

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And Another Thing | September 30, 2021

Relationship Violence

10 to 10 team member Monica Moran was on the show to talk about our helpline as a domestic violence prevention tool. The episode also highlights a new program from Safe Passage for high school students, and it explores “Missing White Woman Syndrome” and the disparity in response to violence against people of color – including in New England. Monica’s interview starts at 20:15.

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Boston 25 News | July 27, 2021

First in nation helpline for abusers launched in Massachusetts to help curb domestic abuse

“It’s not a men’s helpline. It’s a helpline for anybody who is using control and abuse. And that can be any gender, any race, anybody, really. Young, old. It’s possible anybody could be having these feelings and we’re not going to stigmatize anybody who calls. That’s our commitment,” said Monica Moran, the manager of Domestic Violence Prevention Services for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in Springfield.

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Commonwealth Magazine | May 16, 2021

“Many people have someone they love and care about who’s being abusive, and they don’t say anything because they don’t know what to say, or they don’t know how to do it safely,” Moran said. “Unfortunately, that silence is misread as support.”

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MassLive | April 16, 2021

Western Massachusetts hotline for domestic abusers is 1st of its kind in US

“We are creating more options for people who want to learn how to be a safe partner, and options outside the criminal justice system. We are turning to the direct source of abuse — the person who abuses — and asking them to help,” said Monica Moran, manager of domestic violence prevention projects at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, one of the agencies overseeing the helpline.

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Mass Live/Republican Editorial
Mass Live/Republican Editorial